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About drive.is

Here are important messages regarding your safety on Icelandic roads. Conditions in Iceland are unusual and unlike what foreign drivers are accustomed to. Your rental car can bring you to many interesting and beautiful places in our country. Please stay safe and take the time to familiarize yourself with special Icelandic conditions by listen to this safety message, specially made for rented cars.

5 most important things you should consider when driving in Iceland.

Loose gravel or ice on road has caused a great number of accidents. Please drive accordingly.

Reduce speed
The appropriate speed can be much lower than speed limits. Choose the safe speed and drive accordingly.

Seat belts for all
According to Icelandic law the driver and all passengers must wear seatbelt in the car.

Photo locations
It is extremely dangerous to stop your car in the middle of the road to take pictures. Choose your photo locations with safety in mind.

While driving in Iceland, headlights and taillights are required to be on all times, all year round.