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12 things to increase your safety on Icelandic roads

1. Seatbelts for all

Driver & all passengers must wear seatbelts

2. Do not stop on the road

Don’t stop on the road to take pictures or for other non-emergency actions

3. Choose the safe speed

Choose your speed in accordance with road & weather conditions

4. Lower you speed

This sign warns that you are approaching a gravel road – slow down

5. Unexpected road users

Livestock you see near the road can suddenly run across the road. Slow down

6. The road is closed

Don’t risk your life & safety by driving on a CLOSED (LOKAÐ) road

7. Headlights always ON

Head- & taillights are required to be ON at all times – all year round

8. Avoid driving when tired

Be sure you get enough sleep before driving

9. Weather & road conditions

Check weather & road surface in advance on road.is & safetravel.is

10. Single lane bridges

The car that approaches a single lane bridge first, crosses first

11. No phone while driving

You are obliged to park the car in a safe place – not on the road – before using your phone

12. Child safety in cars

It is required to use special safety equipment for children. Further info on icetra.is

We wish you a safe & pleasant trip